Im grateful to God for his Love. Its so Rich and Fabulous. Im overwhelmed daily.


Haven't visited here yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so. I wanted thank the Lord for small blessings. Those times he brings other believers into our path along this pilgrimage. Its an encouragement that we aren't out here all alone, as it may feel at times.


God bless you, I want to give thanks to my Lord Jesus for delivering my daughter from very bad addictions, and the troubles that follow it. Also thank you for your prayers. I was desperate, my nights had been nightmares, crying and praying for relief. It is painful, for some days I desired to die. However, I found strength and comfort in God. My desired at least for her was to be like others that can hold a job, go home and sleep. Then I found a resignation to the will of God. Even to a sincere thankfulness of my condition, and ought not to complaint. I gave her back to God; I said "If you want her death is fine, she is yours; Your will be done" I'm thankful to God; she is well, working again, goes home, sleep, and she looks so beautiful. It,s a great miracle for me! Praises and Glory to His name forever! He is God and His Power is the same! Amen

Donna Y

Praise Report! I would like to give thanks to the Lord Jesus for helping my dad to recover and get stronger. He was in very bad shape a couple weeks ago but has been receiving dialysis and is improving so much!

Thomas Ivan

Thank the Lord for healing my left foot. It was painful to walk for the last 2 months. We had foot washing and the thought came to me to accept my healing during the foot washing, the pain went away during the foot washing and I am healed by his grace.


God is true to his Word. I spend alot of time in the car with my kids and since they were small I taught them what my dad taught us: pray before you leave the house. Now My dad will be mortified that I'm so Americanized that we pray in the car and not in a circle , in the house :). But God is faithful and we see the correlation between asking for protection and God extending it to us on the road and where we go.


We want to thank the Lord for my brother Dan's healing and protection this week. He had been having pain since Friday and thought he had food poisoning. The pain didn't go away, and he went to the hospital on Sunday morning (Easter). While there, they found he had appendicitis, and that the appendix ruptured when he was at the hospital Sunday morning. They did surgery that afternoon. Because of the appendix rupturing, he had to have the toxins drained from his system and given antibiotics. We are thankful that he went to the hospital in time, and that he is on the mend!


I want to thank God for helping the situation with my mom!


I am grateful to the Lord Jesus for His grace and mercy each day!



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